Essential Oils Maestro™, LLC

Purchasing Instructions

When purchasing essential oils, you'll use these instructions to purchase through our store, which is hosted by dōTerra.

We suggest keeping these instructions available while you shop online because different information is needed throughout the shopping process.

Note: These instructions are for purchasing as a "guest". If you would like to create an account or become a member, please contact us first. We will guide you through the steps to make sure that we receive credit for the purchases through your account or as a member. Thanks!

If you would like to do a Zoom video conferencing session (and share your screen) to go through these steps and place an order, please send us an email with the request. Include the days and times that you are available as well as the time zone. We will try our best to find an available day and time, but please know that a Zoom session is not guaranteed.

Now, let's shop!

  1. In another tab or window in your web browser, open this link to our dōTerra replicated website.
  2. In the top, left-hand corner, make sure the Essential Oils Maestro, LLC "business card" is showing. (See image below.)
  3. If the "business card" is there, you may continue to the next step.
    • If the "business card" is not there:
      • You can try deleting cookies and clearing the cache in your web browser. You can also try another web browser.
      • Please do not continue and contact us by email. We will not receive credit for the sale if the "business card" is not there.
  4. From the menu, click "Shop". This will take you to the dōTerra website so you can make purchases.
  5. If the "business card" is on this website, you may continue to the next step. Please make sure the "business card" is on all webpages that you puruse.
  6. Peruse the website, and add as many items to your bag as you wish.
  7. When you are finished shopping, click on the "bag" icon in the top, right-hand corner and choose "Review Order".
  8. You are presented with three options: 1) Login to your account, 2) Become a Member and 3) Continue as guest. Select "Continue as guest". (If you want to create an account or Become a Member, please contact us and we will walk you through the steps to make sure that we will receive credit for any of your future orders (with an account or as a member).
  9. Review your order. Make any necessary changes. Note: If you make any changes and the "business card" disappears, you will need to start again.
  10. Click the "Proceed to Checkout" button.
  11. Fill in the Shipping Information.
  12. Click "Continue".
  13. If prompted with an "Address Verification" box, verify the address.
  14. Enter your credit card information.
  15. Click "Review Order". (You have one more opportunity to see the order before submitting the order.)
  16. On the "Review Order" page, review your order.
  17. Below the "Notifications" box, there's a box titled "Your Wellness Advocate." Essential Oils Maestro, LLC - Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania should already be showing. (See image below.) If it is showing, you may continue to the next step. Otherwise, read the additional directions below.
  18. Click the "Process Now" button.
  19. An order confirmation number will be shown on the screen.
  20. Please send us an email with the following information, so we know which sales we should receive credit. In the email, include the following information:

It takes approximately 3 business days for us to see your purchase in our account. If your purchase is not seen in our account, and you want us to receive the credit for the purchase, we will need to contact dōTerra. If this step is needed, we'll contact you with the information. Thanks for your patience.